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#click3 Celebrities respond to the shutdown

10/02/13 08:33PM

1) Turns out, the internet loves government shutdowns. There were celeb tweets and an amazing explanation of the shutdown with Mean Girls quotes. We have some of the best reactions: a. Wu Tang Clan: THE U.S GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN ...WTF — Wu Tang Clan (@WuTangClan) October 1, 2013 b. Brit Go call the po-lice, Go Call The Gu-vunah! Someone tell Congress to get to #WorkBxxCH — Britney Spears (@britneyspears) October 2, 2013 2. A new home video of mayoral hopeful Bill deBlasio busting a move at his 1994 wedding is making the rounds. Twinkle toes? Nah. Not quite. read more

National Institutes of Health- 10/02/13

Shutdown impairs cancer treatment for children

10/02/13 03:01PM

Thanks to a lack of funds, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been forced to close the doors of the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Md., and turn away about 200 potential new patients. That includes at least 30 children, according to NIH Director Francis Collins, the majority of whom were supposed to receive experimental cancer treatments. read more

US President Barack Obama (C) gives a "h

The return of 'Obamacare Kid'

10/01/13 06:52PM

Marcelas Owens was 11 years old when he first stepped into the spotlight. " missed so much work that she lost her job. And along with her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life," he said in 2010 addressing Democratic Senate leadership at a press conference. "And I wanted to finish her fight for healthcare," he declared. Later that month a victorious Marcelas watched on as the president signed the Affordable Care Act into law. read more

Government Shutdown Forces Closures In Nation's  Capitol

All In Agenda: Day one of shutdown, Obamacare exchanges

10/01/13 06:11PM

Tuesday was a big day in the political world: The government officially shut down for the first time in 17 years and Obamacare implementation began with the opening of insurance exchanges. While the bickering continued in Congress, 800,000 government employees were furloughed, nearly 9 million low-income women and children saw their benefits threatened, and Republicans tried to downplay the shutdown's effects. read more

Head Start Shutdown - Ned Resnikoff - 10/01/2013

Head Start preschoolers sent home thanks to shutdown

10/01/13 03:00PM

UPDATED For 770 preschool-aged children in eastern Alabama, school is out indefinitely. Thanks to the government shutdown which began Tuesday morning, Cheaha Regional Head Start (CRHS) has had to close all 16 of its locations, furlough its 240 employees without pay, and tell parents to keep all of the program's students at home. "There's nothing that we can do, and there's no way to head it off," said CRHS director Dora Jones. "It all depends on them passing this budget." read more