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E.g., 8/3/2015
Transgender reality, post-Jenner

Transgender reality, post-Jenner

06/02/15 10:00PM

As Caitlyn Jenner becomes the most famous transgender woman in history, Chris Hayes explores how America is reacting and what kind of reality the transgender community is facing in a rapidly changing country. watch

Former House Speaker indicted

Former House Speaker indicted

05/28/15 08:01PM

Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House for eight years, from the very end of Bill Clinton's presidency through most of George W. Bush's presidency has been indicted on federal charges based on allegations that he agreed to pay an unidentified individual ... watch


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Each night, Chris Hayes partakes in lively conversations and debates with his guests.  Hayes covers not only the biggest news stories of the day, but also the issues that are personally important to him including social justice and the environment.


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