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E.g., 11/24/2014

#maximumwage: 'When minimum wage doesn't cover the basics, it's time for a change'

08/27/13 10:00AM

My name is Katherine Peterson. I'm from Virginia, and just started college. I spent the last eight months working at Panda Express with the hopes of saving money for school. Currently I have $345 in my bank account. It's not like I have a bunch of bills to pay either; I don't even drive a car or have to pay for gas money! I worked part time while I finished up high school, and yeah, there were a couple times where I would be a normal teenager and spend money. But for the most part I was a responsible person with my money. read more

Salt in the wound, the cost of healthcare

08/26/13 11:11PM

You've heard of saline solution. It's a fancy name for salt and water. You've probably used it--maybe for a sore throat, or dry eyes--and you probably haven't spent that much money on it. Here's a pretty simple bottle of saline solution we got at a Manhattan grocery store for five dollars and 99 cents. Here's some souped-up saline solution with a bunch of other chemicals in it for red eyes. This was $6.99. read more

McDonald's former CEO says the minimum wage needs adjustment

08/26/13 05:17PM

Low wage workers have been taking part in strikes all over the country to demand a living wage. The latest action--a group of Walmart workers in D.C. --ended with police issuing tickets to the protesters. But workers are showing no signs of stopping and companies are not conceding. Stalemate? On Friday's All In, Chris Hayes asked Former McDonald's president and CEO Ed Rensi why the company cannot afford to pay its workers a living wage. read more

Remembering the March on Washington

Remembering the March on Washington

08/24/13 08:53PM

The vision that Dr. Martin Luther King and other march organizers had 50 years ago, was a vision of a more equal America. Chris Hayes talks with journalist Gary Younge, author of "The Speech: The Story Behind Martin Luther King's Dream," and Peter... watch

Click 3: Batfleck backlash begins

Click 3: Batfleck backlash begins

08/24/13 08:28PM

Chris Hayes shares the three most awesomest things on the Internet for August 23: 1) On Friday, Hulk Hogan lost an arm-wrestling match to Mayor Rob Ford; 2) This article teaches 11 international untranslatable words that are so mind-boggling, you just... watch

#click3 The Fantastic Ford

08/23/13 08:43PM

1. On Friday, Hulk Hogan lost an arm-wrestling match to Mayor Rob Ford, now known as Mayor Fantastic Ford.  While Mayor Ford finally answered Hogan’s “Whatcha gonna do, brother?!” the answer as to who should be more embarrassed has yet to be determined. 2. Feel free to return that Rosetta Stone. This article teaches 11 international untranslatable words that are so mind-boggling , you just might turn into a pochemuchka. read more