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E.g., 12/22/2014
E.g., 12/22/2014

Don't fall for #GruberGate

11/18/14 02:44PM

The President of the United States has finally responded to a set of controversial remarks made by an academic paid to help get Obamacare through Congress. read more

The #Pointergate controversy grows

The #Pointergate controversy grows

11/17/14 08:38PM

Chris Hayes discusses the continuing #Pointergate saga, as the owner of the TV station that aired the controversial report refuses to apologize. Plus: The mayor at the center of the story speaks out. watch

'Orange is the New Black' actress tells...

'Orange is the New Black' actress tells her story

11/17/14 08:29PM

As the nation awaits a promised immigration overhaul by the president, actress Diane Guerrero tells Chris Hayes about coming home from school at 14 and finding out her parents and older brother gone -- learning from neighbors that her family was being dep watch

Axelrod revises tweet slamming Gruber

Axelrod revises tweet slamming Gruber

11/17/14 08:09PM

Former White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod and Sen. Sherrod Brown weigh in on the debate over Obamacare, in light of disparaging comments by an architect of the legislation, Jonathan Gruber. watch