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Warren goes after Trump for conflicts of...

Warren goes after Trump for conflicts of interest

12/15/16 08:18PM

As Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic senators take the next step in forcing Trump to resolve his conflicts of interest, Esquire's Charlie Pierce joins Chris Hayes to talk about the unprecedented dynamic Trump is bringing into the White House. watch

The hacking of 2016

The hacking of 2016

12/15/16 08:00PM

Donald Trump continues to contest the U.S. intelligence community's near-unanimous conclusion that Russia directed cyber espionage against Democrats during the presidential campaign. watch

Aleppo is falling

Aleppo is falling

12/14/16 08:22PM

Chris Hayes examines the on-again off-again ceasefire in Aleppo - one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. watch

The president’s family business

The president’s family business

12/13/16 08:54PM

So far, President-elect Trump’s sole plan to deal with all the potential conflicts of interest from his financial holdings is to leave his businesses in the hands of his children. watch

‘A loss felt all across the Midwest’

‘A loss felt all across the Midwest’

12/12/16 08:14PM

Kenosha, WI flourished in the heyday of American industry. Today, as in many other Midwestern cities, the well-paying manufacturing jobs are gone. Chris Hayes tells the story of what happened in Kenosha and what it tells us about why Wisconsin turned red in 2016. watch


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