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Donald Trump’s troubled history with...

Donald Trump’s troubled history with monuments

08/17/17 08:42PM

Thing 1/Thing 2: In the 1980s, Trump destroyed two historic sculptures wanted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to make way for Trump Tower. Decades later, the New York Times discovered a Civil War monument on his Virginia golf course commemorates an event that never happened. watch

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met with Julian...

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met with Julian Assange

08/17/17 08:32PM

The Russophilic Republican Congressman confirmed to journalists that he met with the Wikileaks founder, whose organization has been deemed by the U.S. as a 'hostile intelligence actor,' and now he wants to brief Donald Trump on the meeting. watch

Momentum grows to remove Confederate...

Momentum grows to remove Confederate monuments

08/15/17 08:30PM

Since the violent protests in Charlottesville, lawmakers across the south are ramping up efforts to get rid of Confederate monuments in their cities. Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rep. Stacey Abrams weigh in. watch

Trump is lying about Charlottesville, says...

Trump is lying about Charlottesville, says witness

08/15/17 08:12PM

According to Rev. Traci Blackmon, who protested the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the president was lying when he defended the behavior of the alt right marchers and blamed "both sides" for the violence. watch

Steve Bannon is in limbo: NYT

Steve Bannon is in limbo: NYT

08/14/17 08:39PM

Thing 1/Thing 2: Donald Trump is facing growing calls to oust Steve Bannon – and things aren’t looking good for the White House chief strategist. watch


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