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E.g., 8/22/2017
Report: WH asked FBI to refute Russia stories

Report: Priebus asked FBI to refute Russia stories

02/23/17 08:20PM

Former Justice Department Spokesperson Matt Miller says White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus “has to go” if the report is true that he asked the FBI to knock down stories about communications between Trump and Russia. watch

The town halls are working

The town halls are working

02/23/17 08:06PM

As constituents around the country continue to confront lawmakers, the effort to repeal Obamacare is going in the wrong direction for the GOP. watch

Trump rescinds transgender protections

Trump rescinds transgender protections

02/22/17 08:30PM

The Justice Department rescinded anti-discrimination protections for transgender students, which had been advanced by the Obama administration, with President Trump reportedly asking the Education Secretary to withdraw her objections. watch

Donald Trump's foreign chaos

Donald Trump's foreign chaos

02/20/17 08:20PM

Both the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense, traveling abroad, are trying to walk back or explain some of President Trump's more inflammatory and confusing comments. watch


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