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E.g., 6/24/2017
15 days out

15 days out

10/25/16 07:39PM

What were the headlines in past campaigns when it was 15 days to election day? All In takes a deep dive into the archives to find out. watch

One-on-one with Michael Moore

One-on-one with Michael Moore

10/24/16 08:17PM

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore talks with Chris Hayes about his new film, 'Michael Moore in TrumpLand' and the appeal of Trump to his supporters. watch

'Nobody has more respect for women than I do'

'Nobody has more respect for women than I do'

10/20/16 08:17PM

On the debate stage, Donald Trump called his opponent 'such a nasty woman' to her face; Clinton countered by holding him to account for his conduct toward women and arguing a strong defense of reproductive rights. watch

Clinton and Trump set to attend Al Smith...

Clinton and Trump set to attend Al Smith Dinner

10/17/16 08:54PM

Business Insider’s Josh Barrow and Vox’s Liz Plank talk to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to discuss the upcoming annual Al Smith Dinner on Thursday where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both attend to exchange in a “friendly roast,” the day after the debate. watch


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