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Clinton & Trump's reactions to police...

Clinton & Trump's reactions to police shooting

09/25/16 07:40PM

Charlotte police released two videos over the weekend of the shooting of Keith Scott. Chris Hayes and the panel discuss the presidential candidates' comments on the shootings and the protests that have followed. watch

Setting expectations for the first debate

Setting expectations for the first debate

09/23/16 08:51PM

If anonymous Trump campaign sources are to be believed, they're pretty concerned he's going to blow the big debate Monday night with an utter lack of preparation -- and it's a classic case of expectations-setting. watch

Never say #NeverTrump

Never say #NeverTrump

09/23/16 08:25PM

It's been a long and tumultuous relationship between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but Cruz announced Friday he would endorse the Republican nominee. watch

The first debate

The first debate

09/22/16 08:55PM

With just four days until the first presidential debate, Chris Hayes and The Huffington Post's Jonathan Cohn discuss the many possible ways the meeting of the candidates may go. watch

What Chris Christie knew

What Chris Christie knew

09/21/16 08:51PM

We learned this week that both the defense attorneys and the prosecutors in the Bridgegate trial, people who work in the office Christie himself used to run, believe the governor knew about the lane closures on the George Washington bridge as they were happening. watch


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