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The Trump TelePrompTer Greatest Hits

The Trump TelePrompTer Greatest Hits

11/16/17 09:16PM

Thing 1/Thing 2: Giving lots of speeches isn't easy. But we've noticed a trick Trump uses frequently - if you make a mistake, just pretend you meant to do it. watch

GOP launches a sneak attack on Obamacare

Republicans launch a sneak attack on Obamacare

11/14/17 09:17PM

Democrats were blindsided at a Senate finance committee hearing on the Republican tax plan when they suddenly learned the Senate version of the tax bill would repeal a major part of the Affordable Care Act - the individual mandate. watch

Rebecca Traister on Moore and post...

Rebecca Traister on Roy Moore and post-Weinstein reckoning

11/14/17 04:49PM

The fifth woman to come forward against Roy Moore alleges he violently sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old. New York Magazine's Rebecca Traister joins Chris Hayes to discuss the Moore accusations in the context of the post-Harvey Weinstein reckoning. watch


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