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E.g., 7/26/2017
Recording reveals GOP in chaos over Obamacare

Audio recording reveals GOP in chaos over Obamacare

01/27/17 08:19PM

The Washington Post obtained an audio recording from a closed-door meeting at congressional Republicans' retreat, where numerous members sounded alarms about the lack of a consensus plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. watch

Trump's flawed executive orders

Trump's flawed executive orders

01/26/17 08:52PM

The Trump administration did not consult with lawmakers or lawyers when writing his flurry of recent executive orders - and they may not be worth the paper they're written on. watch

Inside the Trump White House

Inside the Trump White House

01/24/17 08:54PM

Chris Hayes talks with the Washington Post's Philip Rucker about new reports that senior White House officials are having trouble managing the president. watch

Trump lie latest

Trump lie latest

01/24/17 08:19PM

After President Trump repeated a lie about illegal voting costing him the popular vote, Senator Jeff Merkley discusses how to grapple with such a president. watch


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