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Lewandowski definitely isn’t saying this...

Corey Lewandowski lies about pushing client's interests

08/02/17 08:39PM

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, denied a business client was behind his passionate call to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray. But of course, a vocal opponent of Cordray is in fact paying Lewandowski tens of thousands of dollars. watch

Lawsuit: Trump & Fox conspired to push...

Lawsuit: Trump & Fox conspired to push fringe theory

08/01/17 08:18PM

The President of the United States stands accused, in a federal lawsuit, of conspiring with Fox News to promote a fringe conspiracy theory about a murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, in order to invalidate the Russia scandal. watch

Trump to police officers: Don't be too nice

Trump to police officers: Don't be too nice

07/28/17 08:21PM

Donald Trump’s speech to members of law enforcement on Long Island centered on the kind of lurid depictions of terrifying violence he often falls back on. Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin joins Chris Hayes. watch


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