All In Agenda: Chris Christie’s town hall


1. Gov. Chris Christie held his first town hall since the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal broke. And All In was there. Joining Chris Hayes to debrief are President & CEO of Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, Staci Berger, and Politics Editor at, Darryl Isherwood.

2. A second racially charged email forward was recovered from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Deputy Chief of Staff’s emails. Chris Hayes comments on the revelation.

3. As the Ukrainian conflict worsens, Chris Hayes asks “which side am I on?” Helping him to answer that question is Foreign Correspondent for NBC News, Ayman Mohyeldin.

4. Staff Reporter for the Greenwire, Elana Schor, Executive Director of Green for All, Nikki Silvestri, and Political Reporter for Slate, Dave Weigel, joins Chris Hayes to discuss a Nebraska Judge’s decision to block the Keystone XL pipeline in her state.

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All In Agenda: Chris Christie's town hall