Bill De Blasio slams Bloomberg for ‘uncalled for’ remarks


New York City’s mayoral front-runner, Bill de Blasio, appeared on Monday’s All In With Chris Hayes to address comments made by current mayor Michael Bloomberg. In a New York magazine interview published over the weekend (just days before the primary election), Mayor Bloomberg characterized de Blasio’s campaign as “racist.”

“So, I think there is a level of denial, a level of disconnect from the lives of the people he’s supposed to be serving, and obviously an angst at the fact that events were now moving beyond his control.” said de Blasio of Mr. Bloomberg. “But the core of it, what he directed at my family, was just absolutely uncalled for.”

De Blasio was not the only one in his family with a response to Bloomberg’s remark. His wife, Chirlane McCray confronted the mayor on Twitter, emphasizing that her work on the campaign was her decision.

@MikeBloomberg, enough of the patriarchal thinking. I am not property or a tool to be used or controlled. Stop the sexism!

— Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) September 7, 2013

Bill De Blasio slams Bloomberg for 'uncalled for' remarks