All In Agenda: Valerie Jarrett on ‘All In’


1. On Tuesday night Oklahoma set out to execute Clayton Lockett, but the lethal injection procedure went wrong and the prisoner suffered for the 30 minutes until his heart failed. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss the Tuesday night’s botched execution are freelance Reporter, Katie Fretland, and Founder & Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson. 

2. Before action was taken against Donald Sterling, the Golden State Warriors were planning to walk off the court in protest, according to Mercury News. National Basketball Players Association Vice President, Roger Mason, Jr. joins Chris Hayes to discuss the action.

3. Chris Christie’s budget estimates were a bit…off. So why did Christie go so hard after the man who predicted it? Assistant Professor at Baruch College, Brian Murphy. 

4. On Monday, the White House released a set of guidelines for colleges to follow on how to address sexual assault. Senior Advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and campus sexual assault survivor, Laura Dunn join Chris Hayes to discuss the problem and the Obama administration’s concerted effort to combat the problem.