US President Barack Obama visits Sweden, September 4, 2013.
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All In agenda: The president’s speech on Syria


Watch a special edition of All In with Chris Hayes at 11pm ET Tuesday night for a review of President Obama’s major speech on the situation in Syria. The president is expected to make his case for U.S. intervention in Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian citizens last month. The debate over how to react to the Syrian crisis took an unexpected turn Tuesday, with the Syrian government admitting for the first time that it has chemical weapons and accepting a Russian proposal to place its weapons under international control. Representatives Jason Chaffetz of Utah, John Garamendi of California, and Lois Frankel of Florida will join Chris Hayes to give their reaction to the president’s speech.

Plus: Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher of The Nation, Joy Reid, Managing Editor of The Grio and MSNBC Contributor, and Ryan Grim, Reporter for The Huffington Post, will join the table to talk about what President Obama’s speech means for U.S. politics. Congress is facing a loaded fall agenda and the President’s approval rating is down, according to the latest polling.

Also Tuesday, voters went to the polls in Colorado and New York City. Chris Hayes will have the results of the elections in Colorado where two Democratic senators were recalled over their votes for stricter gun laws, and in New York where primaries were held for mayor and other city government positions.

Later, Chris Hayes will talk with Lara Setrakian, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Syria Deeply and former Middle East Correspondent for ABC News/Bloomberg TV, Rula Jebreal, MSNBC Contributor, author, and journalist, and Miriam Elder, Foreign Editor for BuzzFeed, about the back-and-forth international negotiations at play in the effort to come to a diplomatic solution on Syria.

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All In agenda: The president's speech on Syria