All In agenda: Rubio sabotages black gay judge’s nomination


Tuesday night on All In: As a shutdown seems increasingly likely, Chris Hayes will look at the real consequences of bringing the government to a halt. Some 800,000 employees could be stuck at home without pay, and are less likely to be reimbursed after the shutdown ends as in the past, according to The Washington Post. Just debating another shutdown is detrimental to the economy thanks to the uncertainty and chaos it brings about. Rep. Barbara Lee of California, recently nominated to be the Representative to the United Nations, Robert Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, and reporter Suzy Khimm will join Chris to talk about the effects of shutting down the services that keep the country running.

Chris Hayes will also discuss the two major speeches at the United Nations Tuesday. President Obama spoke to the Assembly about challenges in the Middle East, and called for diplomacy on the Syrian crisis and Iran’s nuclear program. Newly elected Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was expected to present “the true face of Iran,” a “peace-loving country” in his his first address to the UN during the afternoon session.

Plus: After losing favor among conservatives because of his support of immigration reform, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appears to be sabotaging the nomination of a gay black judge to the federal bench in order to win back his base. Nearly a year after signing off on President Obama’s promotion of Judge William Thomas, which must be approved by both senators in the nominee’s home state, Rubio suddenly changed his mind this week. Chris Hayes will talk about this desperate brand of political maneuvering.

Later, Ken Salazar, Former Secretary of the Interior, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary for the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, will join Hayes to discuss the next wave of climate change denial. Conservatives are starting to realize they can no longer credibly flat-out deny global warming is happening, so they’ve shifted to denying the effectiveness of proposed solutions.

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All In agenda: Rubio sabotages black gay judge's nomination