All In agenda: One California city’s plan to alleviate the foreclosure crisis


Friday night on All In with Chris Hayes: As Congress heads off for summer recess, Chris Hayes will examine the reasons why the 113th is shaping up to be the worst Congress ever. When not at a standstill due to partisan deadlock, Republican lawmakers have spent their days voting to repeal Obamacare (for the fortieth time Friday), cutting funding for food stamps, and unnecessarily beefing up border security spending to benefit big defense contractors. Former Republican National Committee Chairman and msnbc Contributor Michael Steele and Rep. Rick Nolan of Minnesota will join the discussion about whether this Congress can turn the session around and accomplish any meaningful change.

Plus: The city of Richmond, Calif. has come up with a plan to help struggling homeowners by taking over their underwater mortgages. After buying up the mortgages from financial institutions, the city plans to keep homeowners in their properties by writing down the value of the loans and refinancing them. The city is prepared to seize the houses through eminent domain if the financial institutions are not cooperative. Naturally, the banks are not in favor of this proposal. Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin will join Chris Hayes to talk about why her city is undertaking this challenge.

Later, Chris Hayes will talk with Steven Czifra, a former inmate who served a total of eight years in solitary confinement. After spending 22 and a half hours confined to his cell every day, “the fact that I’m not a raving lunatic is a miracle,” he has said. Now 38-years-old and an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, Czifra is speaking out about his time in solitary to gather support for prison reform.

Chris Hayes will also delve into the future of cars and how the rise of electric vehicles may become an important part of the climate solution. The issue of car safety has also taken center stage again as regulations have to be adapted to new technological advances, such as self-driving cars. Micheline Maynard, Contributor to Forbes Magazine and author of the Voyages blog at, and Eddie Alterman, Editor-In-Chief of Car and Driver, will join the conversation.

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All In agenda: One California city's plan to alleviate the foreclosure crisis