All In agenda: Neoconservatives’ last stand


Wednesday on All In with Chris Hayes: During a closed-door morning meeting, House Republicans rolled out their plan to deal with the impending budget issues. The U.S. is projected to hit its debt limit next month, and the federal government will not continue to be funded after Oct. 1 if Congress doesn’t act. GOP leaders are proposing a one year increase of the debt ceiling tied to other reforms they want to push on Democrats, including lowering taxes and supporting the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. House Speaker John Boehner also announced his intent to avoid a government shutdown by introducing a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare. Republicans seem ready for a fight, but Senate Democrats and the White House have said they will not negotiate on the debt ceiling and the Democratic majority in the Senate is sure to strip out any anti-Obamacare language in a resolution. Sen. Jeff Merkley of Washington, Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina will join Chris Hayes to talk about the looming battle.

Plus: The deficit is decreasing thanks to improved economic conditions and more revenue coming in to the federal government. However, Republicans apparently think now’s the time to go after the social safety net and the most vulnerable Americans. House GOPers have proposed almost $40 billion in cuts to food stamps, in a measure expected to be voted on later this week.

Also, a Democratic congressional candidate from Massachusetts released a campaign ad that’s going viral. Carl Sciortino, Jr., running for Ed Markey’s old seat, explains how he had to “come out” to his Tea Party dad as a Massachusetts liberal. Sciortino Junior and Senior riff back and forth, but express their bipartisan love for one another by the end of the 60 second spot.

Later, Hayes will explain how newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is in a similar position as Barack Obama in his first term. NBC’s Ann Curry conducted an exclusive interview with Rouhani Wednesday, in which he distanced himself from his predecessor by confirming that his administration will not develop nuclear weapons. Rouhani also said he has full authority to negotiate with the West about his country’s nuclear program. Ali Ghraib, Contributing Writer for The Daily Beast, and Ana Marie Cox, Senior Columnist at The Guardian, will join Hayes to talk about the last stand of neoconservatism with the U.S.’s latest diplomatic successes, both with Iran and on the Syria crisis.

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All In agenda: Neoconservatives' last stand