All In Agenda | ‘Bridgegate’: televised drama?


1. Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich now admits to taking gifts from Chris Christie’s campaign. The Mayor did not, however, endorse Christie. Distinguished fellow at Demos, Bob Herbert, and National Reporter at Talking Points Memo, Hunter Walker.

2. CEO of AOL, Tim Armstrong, has decided to slash employee benefits to save the $7.1 million he claims AOL will lose under Obamacare. MSNBC Contributor, Ezra Klein.

3. Meet the cast of characters in the Georgia primary. Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams, Former President of NAACP, Ben Jealous.

4. The whole Bridgegate scandal feels like it comes straight out of the show, House of Cards. Well then, isn’t it so great that we’ve got Beau Willimon, Creator of Netflix’s House of Cards on set?

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All In Agenda | 'Bridgegate': televised drama?