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#click3 We’ll always ‘reserve’ a place for James Gandolfini


1. Instagram has introduced a feature enabling users to create 15-second videos–twice as long as those from rival Vine. What’s more, the free update will allow Instagram’s 130 million monthly users to apply 13 special filters to the clips, and is available to anyone who owns an iOS or Android. Now even Chris Hayes can make a black and white art film.

2. Actor James Gandolfini’s death has brought forth condolences, public adoration and distinctive tributes. Perhaps the most affecting commemoration is also one of the humblest: New Jersey restaurant Holsten’s – home to The Sopranos’ tense final scene – has placed a “Reserved” sign on the booth made famous by the show. Don’t stop believin’.

3. A former employee of Paula Deen has filed suit against the celebrity chef, claiming she used a derogatory term in the workplace. And while Deen’s representatives have tried to defend the native Georgian by telling USA TODAY that Deen “was born 60 years ago when America’s South had schools that were segregated,” a full transcript of Deen’s deposition doesn’t help much.


#click3 We'll always 'reserve' a place for James Gandolfini