#click3 ‘Swag ain’t what you wear, swag is the mentality’


1. The New York City bike share is now, officially, underway. To celebrate, The New York Times has launched “Bike Share Derby,” a race between bikers and non-bikers. Watch to find out who wins.

2.   Legendary newscaster Larry King, formerly of Larry King Live, has decided to come out of retirement and announced his new political show on the RT network. Buzzfeed created a bunch of really funny GIFs to pay homage to the King. Watch the original here:

3. A bunch of grade school kids in Minneapolis, MN, decided to make a rap song that makes their decidedly uncool uniforms look cool. They are good at rapping and the video is really entertaining. Enjoy!


#click3 'Swag ain't what you wear, swag is the mentality'