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#click3 ‘Burger Jenga’


1. The T-Rex, a nine-patty burger harvested in a Manitoba Wendy’s has officially been axed. Rest In Beef (RIB).

2. Unlocking The Truth is a band out of the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. They have been together since they were 5 years old. Now they are 12 and performing all around town. Some people make fun of them. That makes them sad but they have tough skin and believe in themselves. If “cuteness” is a barometer for success, then they’re winning big.

3. There is a rash of people doing their jobs badly. Recent grad Laura Gambrel did not want the fanfare and celebration that comes with graduating from college. But her mother had other plans: a cake with her daughter’s face and a cap atop her head. The cake maker misunderstood and drew a cat. The guys who did the late Ed Koch’s tombstone got his birth year wrong. And some air freight handlers in China couldn’t care less.


#click3 'Burger Jenga'