#click3 Are you a ‘derp’?


1. Oh good, we can all relax because the term “derp” has entered the lexicon of political pundits. There, there, don’t despair if you’re not sure of the definition, Urban Dictionary has come to your rescue: “A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made.

2. We’re back with another installment of “Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto is bananas.” The publication, Gawker, who saw the alleged video of Rob Ford smoking crack, now claims that video may have disappeared. Poof. Gone.

3. Mourners gathered today to pay their respects to late New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg. The Senator was known for his sense of humor and so it was only right that Joe Biden told some funny jokes. Check them out over at New York Magazine after the jump.


#click3 Are you a 'derp'?