#click3 ‘And Miss NSA goes to…’


1. A study conducted by robot expert Christoph Bartneck found that Legos are a lot angrier than they once were. The stresses of competing against Street Fighter XXXXXIXXVIIIIX for the attention of young children is enough to make any plastic figure to spiral.

2. Nothing says “mounting tensions in Turkey” better than a musical number performed by the protesters of the Occupy Gezi movement. Members of the group sang “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from the musical Les Miserables on Tuesday. Heartstrings effectively tugged. H/T Buzzfeed.

3. Sixty years ago, the NSA conducted very special operations. Beauty pageants. Megan Garber over at the Atlantic says: “[NSA] also cares about beauty. And poise. And that effortless, effervescent thing that makes a woman…a lady. That certain ju NSA qoui.”

#click3 'And Miss NSA goes to...'