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(Photo courtesy of Airbnb)

'Sharing' business model under threat?

08/12/13 03:45PM

While a number of start-ups are using a new business model that thrives on loaning services and products to strangers, some more traditional businesses appear to feel threatened. read more

Employees make and distribute online courses for a consortium of universities on March 13, 2013 in New York, N.Y. (Photo by Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty)

An affordable degree? You're not dreaming

08/09/13 08:15AM

Forget the four years of semester-long classes and 120 credit hours. Students and administrators at online universities are arguing that the courses allow students to advance at their own pace by successfully completing assessments that measure competencies. read more

Patient Thomas West (C) receives a check up from Dr. Lisa Vinci (L) at University of Chicago Medicine Primary Care Clinic in Chicago June 28, 2012. (Photo by Jim Young/Reuters)

Cleveland Clinic CEO: Patients must be active participants in health care

08/02/13 12:30PM

As the Affordable Health Care Act continues to be rolled out this year and in early 2014, patients will need to think about the ways they insure themselves so they don't have to pay a penalty and receive appropriate insurance, the CEO and president of the Cleveland Clinic said Friday during an Afternoon MoJoe web-exclusive interview. read more


Watch: Why some ideas take time to catch on

07/25/13 01:00PM

Some innovative ideas develop more quickly than others, but human interaction is "the key force in overcoming resistance and speeding change," Dr. Atul Gawande argues in his latest New Yorker article. read more

U.S. soldiers from the 5th. Striker Brigades training session at a military base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Photo by Emilio Morenatti/AP)

Col. Jack Jacobs: Troops are better qualified job seekers

07/02/13 02:45PM

Veterans need to recognize they are a strong commodity in the job marketplace, and employers should understand they are hiring a responsible and authoritative person when they hire a veteran, Col. Jack Jacobs said Tuesday during an Afternoon MoJoe roundtable discussion. read more

Dakota Meyer

U.S. Marine vet: Employing veterans is not charity

07/02/13 02:15PM

The gap that exists between veterans and employers during the job hunt is a continuing issue, but offering positions to former service members shouldn't be considered charity work, Sgt. Dakota Meyer told msnbc on Tuesday. read more

JJ Ramberg

Tweet your way to success

06/28/13 01:15PM

Small businesses must "bubble to the top" when using social media to beat the competition, JJ Ramberg said on Friday. read more