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Watch: Ways new gadgets can change our lives


Advancements in technology both violate privacy and allow people to enhance their quality of life by using a network of new gadgets.

“There’s the convenience side…cars that drive themselves,” Brian Shactman, host of Way too Early, said Wednesday. “Then there’s this utilities side where you can have the potential to do amazing, amazing things.”

The Afternoon MoJoe panel discussed the influence new gadgets will have on the way people communicate with each other. CNBC’s host Melissa Lee appeared on Morning Joe earlier in the day to share her experience riding in a driverless vehicle while filming her new documentary, “Rise of the Machines.”

“Computers are much more alert than humans,” she said during the show.

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But beyond the tipping point of technology is a faceless society, some fear.

“We all participate in it because it is part of life today,” Mike Barnicle, MSNBC contributor, said during the discussion. “This is the way things are going. I would just hope that at some point it slows down enough that our children don’t forget that there’s value in eye contact and inter-personal relations.”

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