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Steve Case discusses the ‘second Internet revolution’


Since technology has become a major part of people’s daily lives, the co-founder of America Online now has his eyes focused on the so-called “second Internet revolution.”

In an Afternoon Mo’ Joe greenroom interview, Steve Case told msnbc’s Richard Wolffe that the next trend in technology focuses on the creation of companies that use the Internet to disrupt other industries and help entrepreneurs advance their innovative ideas.

The best and brightest individuals in the world have always been attracted to America, said Case, who has argued in the past that a comprehensive immigration resolution should include extra visas that will assist in the creation of jobs.

“If we’re going to remain the most entrepreneurial nation with the strongest economy, we’ve got to be the most innovative nation,” said Case, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and pioneer in making the Internet part of everyday life. “Technology obviously plays a role in that.”

The challenge is to maintain the interests of individuals in danger of leaving the country to establish competing companies in other nations.

Case is currently the chairman of the Startup America Partnership which aims to celebrate and accelerate entrepreneurship.

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