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Doctor says, keep [healthcare] simple, stupid


The White House “blew it” communicating and rolling out Obamacare because not even doctors can explain the policy to their patients, Dr. Nancy Snyderman said during an Afternoon MoJoe roundtable discussion on Thursday.

“There’s that old adage: ‘Keep it simple, stupid.’ Well that comes to healthcare, and policy, and politics, too. The message was never clear,” she said.

Just months before Obamacare goes into full effect, 49% of Americans say the law is a bad idea, according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It is the highest level of unpopularity the law has seen since the poll began surveying Americans’ views on healthcare reform four years ago. Just 37% of Americans said they supported the bill.

And, in an April poll of American attitudes on healthcare, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 42% of Americans don’t know that Obamacare is now the law of the land.

Obamacare still baffles those who need it most, according to an April 2013 msnbc article.

The policy affects everyone, especially people taking care of their parents or children. Not only was it a disservice, it was a huge political miscalculation, Nicolle Wallace, former communications director for the George W. Bush administration, said during the discussion.

Even just changing the software doctors use for medical records could allow huge economic savings and prevent leakage for when patients move, Jonathan Bush, CEO of Athenahealth, said on Morning Joe last week. Doctors use old software systems and offline records, which is an issue.

It is “un-American” not to have universal healthcare, Snyderman said. More people need basic, decent healthcare in this country.

“I blame all of Congress, frankly, for not giving a damn a little more, and I think everybody gets hurt,” she said.

Mike Barnicle, msnbc contributor, and Brian Shactman, host of Way Too Early, also joined the discussion.

Jonathan Bush, CEO of Athenahealth was on Morning Joe last week to discuss the importance of doctors using online records.

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