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How entrepreneurs can get ahead


Finding new markets will help entrepreneurs put workers in the United States ahead of cheap foreign labor, businessman Kmele Foster said Friday during a web-exclusive interview.

“Competitiveness is really about the bottom line in a lot of important respects. But there are plenty of industries in which locale and culture matter a great deal,” he told Morning Joe’s Louis Burgdorf in the greenroom.

Foster is the co-founder of TelcoIQ, a Maryland-based telecommunications consultancy. Throughout his time in the industry, he has realized businesspeople must have capital, a plan, and a network with other entrepreneurs in order to be successful.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Foster also commented on his involvement with Honor Flight, a documentary that follows a team of Midwest volunteers. The group aims to send every local World War II living veteran to the nation’s capital to see the war memorial built in their honor. Some of the veterans, Foster said, have never been to Washington, D.C.

“I heard one Honor Flight volunteer describe them as coming back as kids,” he said. “They’re rejuvenated.”

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Watch Foster’s segment that aired Friday on Morning Joe: